We don't know if Richard Branson, who is on tour to promote his new book, "Finding My Virginity," found what he was looking for in Philly, but he did find time to act like a guy who takes the stairs, instead of one who builds a plane to fly over them.

It appears from Branson's social media pages that even billionaire Brits aren't immune from the sweet, siren call of Philadelphia's favorite fictional son, Rocky Balboa.

On Thursday, the Virgin Group founder posted a video of himself on Instagram in which he ran up the Philadelphia Museum of Art stairs, wearing a gray University of Pennsylvania sweatsuit.

"Had a go at recreating Rocky (turn the volume up for this one!) #findingmyvirginity," he captioned the video.

According to a blog post by Branson someone at the Art Museum asked him what he was going to do as he "stared up at the 72 stone steps above me." He responded: "make a complete arse of myself!"

"I couldn't resist stopping off at the Museum of Art to get some inspiration from a fictional hero," he wrote.

While in town to promote his autobiography, Branson held a talk with Penn professor Adam Grant as part of the Authors@Wharton speaker series, which is where we're guessing he got the sweatsuit.