Streep takes on Trump's bias

I have not been an advocate of celebrities using award shows to make political statements, but given the threat to the character of our nation due to the nature and behavior of our incoming president, it was gratifying to see someone of the stature of Meryl Streep take him to task for the mimicking of a reporter with a disability ("La La Land, politics mix at Golden Globes," Monday).

Never content to let any perceived slight pass without engaging in a nuclear war of words, Trump's response was predictable. He sought to denigrate and diminish the acclaimed performer by characterizing her as "one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood," a "Hillary lover." and one of the "liberal movie people." He asserted that he had not and would not mock someone with a disability, despite what we have seen with our own eyes.

I do not imagine we will ever see Tweets from our soon-to-be-leader to address injustices in our country; rather, we can expect his undignified 140-character-or-less means of communication to be engaged in simply settling personal scores.

To use his favorite words, Trump is "a disaster."


||Oren Spiegler, Upper St. Clair, Pa.