I HAVE BEEN reading the Daily News for what feels like a million years. I typically read all of the articles.

I can only read only so much of Helen Ubinas' articles. It's always so funny to me that people who are constantly crying about racism are so racist themselves. Ubinas always comes off as an angry, hateful person.

Things are so hypocritical in this world, and it's always called racist unless it's something beneficial. Then it's something that is apparently owed. If a Caucasian group has exclusivity, it's racist. If any other groups have it, it's OK. I always taught my children that people were the same. My daughter believed this and lived it. One day when she was in high school, she came home and asked whether somebody of another race could be prejudiced. She experienced I guess what Ubinas spews.

I supported Hillary Clinton the first time she ran for president. After watching her sneaky, poor performance (or lack thereof), I decided I could not support her this time. She's a horribly dishonest person. She was a politician. Donald Trump was not. We should hold our politicians to a higher standard, and Clinton was far below what anybody expected.

All everybody cried about what how the Russians hacked the election system and that's why Clinton lost. News flash: If Clinton had not set up an illegal private server and left her emails exposed to all kinds of hackers, we'd never know how much she actually lied to the public.

I'm sick of people like Ubinas. Your candidate lost. Clinton chose not to campaign in areas where she lost, areas that should have been hers. That's her fault, not Russian president Vladimir Putin's.

Trump has done more for us before he's even taken office than Barack Obama has done in eight years. You didn't like Trump's thank-you tour? I supposed you loved Obama's "I'm sorry" tour. Suck it up and stop whining and being racist toward Trump voters. It's insulting.

Jodi Mallon


Flowers is keeping candle of truth burning

As we experienced both the Jewish Festival of Lights and the Christian celebration of the birth of the Light of the World, it was sobering to read the commentary by Christine Flowers ("Truth is the antidote for the poison of Holocaust denial") on the darkness shed on this holy season by Holocaust deniers.

Those who will not accept the absolute evidence of Nazi genocide of European Jews are dishonoring not only those dead but all other oppressed people slaughtered just for who they are, including the people of Aleppo in Syria.

Thanks to Flowers for keeping the candle of truth burning.

Gloria C. Endres


Bishop is latest of our corrupt politicians

Regarding Jenice Armstrong's "Still Feeling the Sting" column: Excellent article, Ms. Armstrong!

Sadly, ex-state Rep. Louise Bishop became yet another casualty in a long line of corrupt politicians. And like the other corrupt politicians before her, she honestly believed she could be both honest and corrupt, as long her good deeds outweighed her betrayal to the general public.

Sound familiar? Her embarrassment for betraying the trust of her constituents should be worn permanently – like a scarlet A to mark her shame.

Anthony Johnson


A reason for hope

I understand why Will Bunch, Carter Eskew and the liberals of the press have a dim view of the future, but the election of Donald Trump was the absolute bright spot of 2016. He is the hope of the future for me and millions of others for our great country. Hillary Clinton lost, thank God.

Joseph R. Bucci


The state of the union

The country is in a bad state. The financial and moral imperatives could not be any clearer. Wages continue to stagnate while taxes escalate. The national debt continues to mount. Islamic radicals are making the world an increasingly dangerous place, while illegals cross our borders with impunity in record numbers. We're in trouble.

President Obama's policies have failed and sold the folks short. They're understandably upset and want change. Those in charge need to wise up.

Jonathan R. Verlin