A stronger message

Kristen Visbal's Fearless Girl bronze statue offers a terrific image of the power of women's leadership (" 'Our message was inclusion,' " Monday). But instead of having her positioned opposite the Charging Bull bronze on Wall Street, she would be better served posing alongside Bull. The strength of the woman alongside the strength of the American economy gives me an even more-positive image.

|Arthur Goldfarb, Wynnewood, arthur.goldfarb@gmail.com

Preserve Philly's gems

In 2012, the East Falls Historical Society requested a grant from the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia ("Preserve Philly's identity," Sunday) for the historic designation of the Kelly house to honor John B. Sr. and Jr. and Grace Kelly. More than 200 people attended the dedication of the marker that October. Many in attendance asked our organization to take steps to preserve the house. We asked Prince Albert of Monaco to buy his grandfather's house.

After four years of support letters, architectural plans from Philadelphia University, and requests for information, the purchase was completed, making national headlines and giving East Falls and Philadelphia a royal neighbor. Now, the house is being restored to its original beauty.

Our small community boasts 20 historic sites on the national, state or Philadelphia registers of historic sites. We support Mayor Kenney's initiative to add two members to the Historic Commission and the blue-ribbon task force to propose recommendations to encourage restoration of Philadelphia's historic buildings. Our history is uniquely important to our identity as a world-class city.

|Ellen Sheehan, president, East Falls Historical Society, Philadelphia

Preserve progress

To preserve something just because it is old is counterproductive to progression. A letter touted Philadelphia's historic neighborhoods as tourist attractions, but I have never heard of anyone planning a vacation visit to Germantown because Washington lost a battle there. There are historic places, such as Center City, Valley Forge, and Jeweler's Row (questionable), plus the home of Edgar Allen Poe and others associated with famous people or known for historical events, but just survival is hardly a requisite. Old is not a good-enough reason to save anything. I am 91 and would like to be preserved, but my chances are between slim and none, and slim just left.

|Ralph D. Bloch, Rydal, ralphdbloch@yahoo.com

Get independent counsel

Permitting the same officials who are being investigated to appoint the next FBI director is hardly comforting or reassuring that the constitutional prerogative will be honored ("Independent counsel not the answer," Sunday).

Given the current occupant of the White House and the reluctance of many Republican lawmakers to accept the gravity of Russia's improper interference in our election process, the appointment of an independent prosecutor is the only viable pathway to protecting the integrity of our democracy. It was the pivotal action that finally unraveled the Nixon treachery.

|Stephen R. Gring, Ocean City

DNC bonuses disgraceful

I have worked as an event planner for three Fortune 500 companies and as an independent contractor. I took great pride in presenting detailed and realistic budgets - many multimillion-dollar budgets - with my goal to come in at or under budget. But, unlike officials of the Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee, I never was awarded a "bonus" for doing my job well and coming in under budget ("DNC bonuses inappropriate," Wednesday).

This matter should not be ignored. It is a disgrace, and what committee chairman Ed Rendell did is a disgrace.

|Patricia Russell, Upper Gwynedd