I WASN'T AROUND for Watergate. I grew up during the "fairy tale" Reagan years that resulted from Watergate (at least according to Will Bunch).

There are many things wrong with that assertion, but I'd like to stick with the column that quotes a Texas Democrat calling for impeachment. I stopped listening after he said, "I do not do this for political purposes." Of course he is doing it for political purposes, just as the Watergate comparison is a stretch, but the result is what Bunch wants, a Republican president resigning.

A special prosecutor investigated the Valerie Plame scandal that was supposed to bring down President George W. Bush. Ironically, a journalist actually was jailed during that investigation. Bunch wants Trump to be impeached because an anonymous source said Trump said reporters should be jailed. No mention of New York Times journalist Judith Miller spending nearly three months in jail in 2005 for refusing to give up her source appears in Bunch's column, despite the direct comparison to Trump's alleged comment. The reason is because many of Bunch's readers will remember that but not so many remember Watergate, so he is pretty much OK to generalize with ridiculous assertions, such as the government brutally repressing anti-Vietnam War and black empowerment advocates. The assertion is that it was Nixon's fault but America's involvement was all but done in Vietnam at the time of the Watergate break-in. Black empowerment groups were robbing banks and kidnapping, so yes, the government convicted those groups. Admittedly, that's a generalization.

Now back to Watergate. In 1972, five men were arrested bugging the Democratic National Committee headquarters. The FBI investigation turned up a money trail leading directly to Nixon's re-election committee. The Washington Post was reporting this in real time because an anonymous source was FBI brass.

Where is the crime that occurred in 2016? We know Russia attempted to affect our election, and did the same in France, Great Britain and Germany, and probably more. Only in America, with our liberal snowflakes still in mourning over the Hillary Clinton loss, does a special prosecutor need to be installed to determine that Russia meddled in our election, but the Trump campaign had nothing to do with it.

Russian President Vladimir Putin did not tell Clinton to ignore the Rust Belt. Putin did not tell her to install a private server in her home. Putin did not steal her message because she didn't have one. That is why she lost, not because Trump's people secretly collaborated with Russia to leak emails that proved the DNC meddled in the primary process in Clinton's favor. If the DNC had just been neutral, would there still be an investigation?

The Watergate burglars were trying to affect an election and theoretically, that compares to Watergate. Beyond that, everything is a stretch. Every anonymous source story is described as fact in Bunch's opinion column, and every denial from the White House is taken as a lie.

Just be fair, that's all I ask.

Kevin Metz

Ridley Park, Pa.

Removing climate info is irrevocably harmful

The Trump administration's removal of climate data from our government's websites reminds me of the Taliban's destruction of ancient irreplaceable iconic statues. In each case, harm is done to our and future generations because something doesn't fit somebody's belief system.

As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, "There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action."

Bill Patterson

Somerdale N.J.

Obamacare helped saved my life

The Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, has saved my life. By it getting rid of lifetime caps on mental illness, I have been able to get the specialized care I need to treat my major depression disorder. I had tried dozens of medications in different combinations, with little relief from the flood of suicidal thoughts I was having. It was only when I started to receive elctro-convulsive therapy did I find almost immediate relief. ECT is conducted in the hospital under anesthesia once a month. Without Obamacare, I would have already reached the lifetime limit and could not afford to pay for the treatment out of pocket. For me, keeping Obamacare is a matter of life or death.

Michael Babb

Fleetwood, Pa.

Cheers to Krasner

Hats off to civil rights attorney Larry Krasner, who won the Democratic nomination for district attorney in the primary election.

Krasner led a strong campaign which yielded strong results, and I applaud him for it!

Rob Boyden

Drexel Hill, Pa.

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