What James Franklin had to say at his Tuesday news conference:

On playing loud music in practice to prepare for road games: "It's full-throttle, piercing eardrums, headaches for the coaches at the end of practice. It's not a whole lot of fun. We're going to do it all week long [this week] to make it as difficult as we possibly can make it. We bought one of those decibel meters so we literally can replicate the type of music that's played in the stadium, crowd noise, chants, songs, how loud it is, the whole deal."

On 6-foot-6 tight end Mike Gesicki's hurdle Saturday  over Trace McSorley after McSorley's touchdown: "I didn't see it. Actually, I saw the pictures. It doesn't shock me. I think we all know that Mike can jump out of the stadium, high-level volleyball player, high-level basketball player. Every time we have a dunk contest on the football team, he wins it. I think one of his special qualities is how well he can jump and go after the ball in the air, or jump over human beings like Trace."

On Ohio State coming into this game off a bye, something that Penn State did last week vs. Michigan: "Probably the most valuable thing we have on this earth is time, and a bye week creates that. It helped us last week and it's going to help them this week. There's no doubt about that. But we control the things that we can control and this isn't one of them, so we've got our normal week or preparation, which I feel good about."

On senior free safety Marcus Allen, who keeps everyone loose: "Marcus is bubbly, outgoing, full of energy, huge smile on his face, dancing, laughing, clowning other guys and me. He's just a ball of positive energy that I love. It's different because he was the same way as a freshman, but he's a senior now, he's more mature. There's a time and a place and he does a great job with all of those things."

On his handling of multiple media interview requests: "We have a staff meeting every morning at 7 a.m., so I'm not going to do anything after 7 a.m. So most of my interview stuff I'm doing before the staff meeting — 6 o'clock, 6:20, 6:40 or whatever it may be, and then we'll also do some stuff typically late at night … [but] protect my day between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m."