Going outside the power conferences for Saturday's best bet, and it's a steam-play from the wise guys.

Jumping on Western Kentucky -12 points over Ball State.

Western opened early Monday morning at -9, was bet down to -7.5. On Friday night, the sharps steamed 'em all the way up to -12.

One smart guy out here in Vegas told me to follow the money. So, I'm following and will drop $55 to win back $50 on Western Ky.

Also dropping $70 to win $50 on this three-team, 10-point teaser:
*Kentucky from +3 to +13 against Florida
*Colorado from +11 to +21 over Washington
*Finish with TCU from +13.5 to +23.5 against Oklahoma State.

Making these plays straight up, laying $55 to win $50 on each:
*California +17 points over Southern Cal.
*Purdue +10 points over Michigan
*Florida Atlantic plus +3 against Buffalo
*Kentucky +3 over Florida