Ed Marynowitz is Chip Kelly's handpicked personnel assistant and reports to the head coach, but the Eagles' new vice president of player personnel said he will not be Kelly's "yes man" in his new post.

"I'm never one to agree just to agree," Marynowitz said Thursday is his first public comments since he was promoted Jan. 29. "To support the head coach, I don't believe that's to tell him that he's right in everything that he says. You're not going to disagree to disagree, either. But I'm not going be afraid to voice my opinion."

Marynowitz, 31, has been with the Eagles for only three seasons. That is his only NFL experience other than spending 2007 as a scouting assistant with the Miami Dolphins. He was Alabama's director of player personnel from 2008-11.

"To me, age is not a factor," Marynowitz said. "I think if you look across all different professional sports, there have been a lot of people that have been my age or younger that have been in some good roles, and I think to me it's more about the experiences that you've had, the people that you've been around, the habits that you've formed."

Marynowitz, who started his college career at La Salle before transferring to Central Florida, credited UCF coach George O'Leary, Hall of Fame coach/executive Bill Parcells, and Alabama coach Nick Saban for shaping his football philosophies before arriving in Philadelphia.

At Alabama under Saban, he learned the "majority of what I believe in terms of how to build a championship-caliber football team, how to work, how to manage people.

"I've been around a lot of great people," Marynowitz said. "Came here, spent a year under Andy Reid and that staff, which was a great experience. And now working for Chip, which has been incredible. . . . I think that's what formed a little bit of who I am."

A better Tebow

Marynowitz said when the Eagles worked out Tim Tebow, they saw improvement from when they watched him during the summer of 2013. They signed him Monday to compete for a spot at quarterback.

"We've got 68 guys that are on our football team right now," Marynowitz said. "Tim's one of them. He will have an opportunity to compete for a roster spot. His role will be determined by his performance. It's as simple as that. We're bringing in a guy who will be able to compete."