Here's the player-by-player breakdown of the Eagles' offensive performance against the Giants.

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Vince Young - I'll have the full breakdown Wednesday, but Young came through on the game-winning drive, completing 7 of 9 passes for 67 yards. He was 4-for-4 for 42 yards on third down during the drive. He struggled early on, and the Eagles' offense left yards/points on the field. Young waited too long to get rid of the ball on the first interception intended for DeSean Jackson, which could have been a huge gain. In the second half, Young looked much more comfortable. Overall, he dropped back to pass 38 times and was only sacked once. He took off to run just once also. Young didn't try to do too much. His throws were not always good, but he was decisive for the most part. Overall, he finished 23 of 36 for 258 yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions, and Young clearly got better as the game went on.

LeSean McCoy - He finished with 113 yard on 23 carries; 60 of those yards came on one play during the Eagles' final drive. Before that, McCoy had 53 yards on 22 carries (2.4 YPC). It wasn't all bad though. He had some nice runs in the first three quarters, but the Giants did a good job of keeping their linebackers and defensive backs up near the line of scrimmage. The DBs, in particular, seemed to have a good plan to limit McCoy's cutbacks. I was impressed with Mathias Kiwanuka, Mark Herzlich and Deon Grant in the run game. In the second, McCoy made something out of nothing, reversing field for a 13-yard gain. And he made Antrel Rolle look silly on the 60-yard pickup.

Owen Schmitt - He whiffed on a blitz pickup on 3rd-and-9 in the first and was targeted just once, an incompletion in the fourth. Schmitt played only five snaps overall.

Ronnie Brown - He only played five snaps, but performed well when he was on the field. Brown had one carry, and it was a big one as he picked up 6 yards on 3rd-and-3 in the fourth. As a blocker, he got just enough of Herzlich on a blitz pickup to allow Young to connect with Clay Harbor for 6 yards on a 3rd-and-3.

Dion Lewis - He touched the ball on his only snap, a 1-yard carry.

Jason Peters - Zero QB hits and zero sacks for Osi Umenyiora. And Peters was the main reason why. He was in charge of protecting the quarterback's blind side this week and did an outstanding job throughout. He had several good moments in the run game too. Peters got a piece of two defenders on McCoy's 4-yard run in the first. He put a good block on Chris Canty on McCoy's 3-yard run; and again on McCoy's 12-yard run. In the fourth, Peters got to Kiwanuka on McCoy's 7-yard run.

Evan Mathis - He was excellent in pass protection, but had a couple issues as a run blocker. I don't know what the design of the play was, but Mathis let Canty go right past him and tackle McCoy for a 3-yard loss on 3rd-and-1 in the first. Canty went right past him again to drop McCoy for a 2-yard loss in the second Mathis did a good job on Jason Pierre-Paul on Chad Hall's 7-yard run in the second. And he made a nice block on Hall's 4-yard run in the second. He got the best of Canty on McCoy's 12-yard run in the second. Mathis left the game for a few plays with an injury in the fourth.

Jason Kelce - Kelce was fine for the most part. He had some trouble with Linval Joseph on Young's 5-yard scramble in the first, but Young held on to the ball for awhile on the play. He got pushed back into Young on an incompletion to Riley Cooper down the sidelines. In the run game, Kelce made a good block on Brown's 6-yard 3rd-and-3 carry on the 18-play drive. And he did a good job on McCoy's 7-yard run in the fourth.

Danny Watkins - He had some issues in protection, but was OK overall. Watkins had some trouble with Rocky Bernard on Young's second interception. He got beat by Justin Tuck on the play where Young flipped it to Cooper for 23 yards. Tuck got past him on Young's 19-yard completion to Cooper. There was some confusion between Watkins and Todd Herremans on a pass to Cooper down the sidelines in the fourth. The Giants ran a zone blitz, sending five, and Watkins and Herremans blocked the same man, allowing Herzlich to run free. In the run game, Watkins did a good job on McCoy's 7-yard carry in the fourth.

Todd Herremans - Strong game from Herremans. He did a good job on Tuck on Hall's 7-yard run in the second. And Herremans held up nicely in pass protection on Young's 18-yard completion to Brent Celek. He made the key block on Brown's 6-yard run on 3rd-and-3 during the 18-play drive. He made a good block on McCoy's 7-yard run in the fourth. And Herremans did a nice job one-on-one with Pierre-Paul on the game-winning touchdown. Only two negative plays I noticed: Herremans was called for a false start in the first half, and he got beat by Pierre-Paul on third down in the third, but Young stepped up and hit Celek for 12 yards.

Jamaal Jackson - He came in for a couple plays at left guard when Mathis went down in the fourth.

DeSean Jackson - I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say he could have easily had over 200 yards receiving. Jackson was open early, but Young severely underthrew him and was intercepted. He made a nice grab, scooping the ball up before it hit the ground on a 32-yard completion in the second. He got open for a 50-yard gain, but then made a dumb play by flipping the ball at Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell for a taunting penalty (for clarification on why the catch didn't count, click here). That ball was underthrown too. Jackson had a nice 29-yard catch and run to get the Eagles in the red zone in the third. And he came up with a huge play, breaking Corey Webster's tackle and picking up 10 yards and a first down in the red zone on the 18-play drive. He finished as the team's leading receiver with six catches for 88 yards.

Jason Avant - He somehow held on for the 13-yard grab on 2nd-and-16 on the 18-play drive. It was Avant's only catch on the day. He made a nice block on Webster on McCoy's 60-yard run.

Riley Cooper - Early on, the Young-to-Cooper connection looked terrible. At the end, it won the Eagles the game. Young was 0-for-5 on throws to Cooper in the first half. But he was 5-for-7 for 75 yards to him in the second half. Cooper had a nice 23-yard catch and run in the third. He made a good, aggressive play on what was essentially a jumpball, fighting off Aaron Ross and making the 19-yard completion in the third. Cooper took responsibility for the interception in the end zone, saying he didn't know the ball was coming. And of course, he made the game-winning grab in the fourth quarter. Overall, he was the team's most-targeted receiver (12), finishing with five catches for 75 yards.

Steve Smith - He had his first touchdown of the season on a 14-yard catch and run in the red zone in the second. But Smith only played seven snaps overall.

Chad Hall - He also played seven snaps and had a pair of carries for 11 yards.

Brent Celek - Another good game for Celek. The Eagles' veteran tight end is playing at a high level. Young was 6-for-6 for 60 yards on throws to Celek. He got open for a 15-yard grab on 3rd-and-9 on the first possession, and he had an 18-yard grab over the middle in the second. Celek picked up 12 yards on 3rd-and-7 in the third. But he ran a 2-yard route on 3rd-and-3 in the fourth and wasn't able to pick up the first down. He made a nice block on McCoy's 4-yard run in the red zone on the 18-play drive. And he made a key block on Grant on McCoy's 60-yard run.

Clay Harbor - Harbor played 29 snaps. He blocked Dave Tollefson to the ground on Young's 5-yard scramble in the first. He made the key block on Umenyiora on McCoy's 12-yard run in the second. He helped Herremans on Pierre-Paul as Young found Jackson for a 29-yard gain in the third. Earlier, Harbor couldn't hold his block on Aaron Ross on McCoy's 4-yard run. He was targeted twice. The first time, the ball hit Harbor in the helmet, but Ross was all over him. He had a key 6-yard catch on 3rd-and-3 on the 18-play drive.

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