With training camps set to open in about three weeks, Donovan McNabb still does not have a team.

In an interview with NBC SportsTalk, the former Eagles quarterback said he still plans on playing in the NFL.

"The most important thing for me is I have about three teams that I'm looking at - a team that obviously has a solid running game, has weapons on the outside, a defense that's been playing well and playing well together and that's ready to win right now," McNabb said.

The opening of the interview was very awkward (video below) as McNabb basically stared into the camera and tried to convince viewers that teams were interested in him. He didn't clarify whether he was looking for a starting or backup job, but he put the chances of his return at "80 to 90 percent."

On another note, McNabb was asked about Terrell Owens and specifically whether the Eagles would have ever reached the Super Bowl without the playmaking wide receiver.

"It's tough to say. I think we would have," McNabb said. "We'd been there at the edge at the cuff for so many years. I think we were just kind of biting at the bit to get there. What we did was we brought T.O. in and that gave us that extra boost we needed to get there.

"I feel like we would have made it, yes. The fact that he did come over and help us and gave us that extra push that we needed on the offensive side, helped not only the offense, but helped the defense as well."

Of course, technically, the Eagles did get to the Super Bowl without T.O., considering Owens didn't play in the team's first two playoff games that year. But he obviously played a huge role in their 13-win season.

The question of what would have happened had McNabb and Owens played more years together is one of the great "what-ifs" in Philadelphia sports history. Earlier this offseason, during a radio interview, Brian Westbrook looked back on what could have been.

McNabb reached three NFC championship games before Owens and one after, but never again played in the Super Bowl.

He was asked to reflect on his time in Philadelphia and had positive things to say, but it's clear McNabb has been paying attention to the fact that the Eagles have not won a playoff game since he left.

"Obviously there are a lot of people in Philadelphia right now who would love to have that same success we had," McNabb said.

And finally, he was asked to identify the best player he ever played with. McNabb first said it was tough to pick just one, but eventually settled on Brian Dawkins.

"When you think of a great player who dominated the game at his position, when he was out on the field, everyone on the opposing side knew where he was lined up, I would say Brian Dawkins," he said.

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