Oddsmakers already have been taking future bets on who will win the Super Bowl next year, but with the season officially over, we wanted to look at the early odds.

Of course, these will change with free agency and the draft, but they provide a starting point.

And in checking a few sites today, the oddsmakers really like the Eagles.

The Birds's odds are hovering around the third choice among NFC teams and among the top five teams overall.

Vegas Insider has the Eagles at 12-1, as does Vegas-based Bovada.

Vegas Insider has the Packers at 5-1, the Saints at 6-1, the Patriots at 7-1, and the Steelers, the Eagles and the Ravens at 12-1.

Bovada has the Packers as the top choice at 6-1, followed by New England at 7-1, New Orleans at 8-1, and Houston, the Eagles and Pittsburgh all at 12-1.