I needed to switch things up this week, so you'll get Five Eagles numbers that matter on Tuesday.

And if you missed it from Sunday, I posted some final thoughts on the Birds' front-office shakeup.

Meanwhile, here's a roundup of what the national media are saying about the Eagles:

SI.com's Peter King thinks last week's Joe Banner move made sense:

I think the Eagles' changes last week -- the rise in influence of GM Howie Roseman, the consolidation of power to coach Andy Reid, the decline of president Joe Banner -- was a pretty easy decision. Roseman, 36, was the ideal man to handle football operations for the Eagles. Don Smolenski, 45, was the ideal person to handle the business operations for the Eagles. Why ideal? Because Roseman and Smolenski have the jobs of their dreams, running the football and business side of a pro football team. Banner, the outgoing president, wanted to do more. He wants either to have final say of a professional team or own one. That wasn't going to happen in Philadelphia. There's no animosity here. Just a common-sense move by owner Jeff Lurie.

ESPN.com's Dan Graziano says Andy Reid is gaining power and on the hot seat at the same time:

The people running the Eagles do not believe they will flop or finish under .500, or that they'll have to make a tough decision about Reid. The Eagles are running their organization with a long-term perspective, and on the assumption that 2012 will be a good year in which they field a strong contender and continue to build on Reid's long record of success as a head coach. Assuming that happens, 2011 becomes easy to regard as an aberration, and the plan can proceed in the way it's being outlined for us all today.

Clark Judge of CBSSports.com buys the Eagles' story that Banner is just seeking a new challenge:

Let's get something straight: Joe Banner's departure as president of the Philadelphia Eagles was not forced, has nothing to do with the team's performance last season, has nothing to do with a power struggle and has nothing to do with conflict -- real or perceived -- with coach Andy Reid. 

Nope, Joe Banner's departure is all about one thing: Joe Banner's ambition.

With Banner gone, Greg Bedard of The Boston Globe says the pressure's now on Reid:

It will also be interesting to see how the Eagles operate. Both Reid and Roseman are known for being friendly with players and agents. They're both personable and want to do right by the players. Banner served as the bad guy a lot of the time, and he understood that was his role. Somebody had to make sure the team was in the proper financial position to field a winner year after year. Banner did that. Now it's Reid's turn. And there won't be anyone else to take the blame.

Gary Horton of Scouts, Inc. has Jason Kelce tabbed as a breakout player in 2012:

He was a sixth-round pick in 2011 and started every game as a rookie but played like a veteran. His guru offensive line coach, Howard Mudd, developed longtime center Jeff Saturday at Indianapolis, and Kelce's skill set is similar. He doesn't have great size, but he is very savvy and he can get to the second level and block in space. Best of all, the coaches trust him to make the line calls and adjustments, which is a huge help to QB Michael Vick. He can become an anchor of a vastly improved unit.

Dan Pompei of the National Football Post says Michael Vick is doing the right things this offseason:

This is the first time Michael Vick has had an offseason as the Eagles starting quarterback, and he is determined to take advantage of it. Vick, according to those who know, has been first in, last out at the NovaCare Complex. After accounting for 18 turnovers in 13 games and enduring a disappointing season, Vick wants to make sure he is in prime physical shape and in prime mental shape and is working hard on both fronts.

ESPN.com's Ashley Fox has LeSean McCoy ranked as the best running back in the NFL:

The running back position has evolved. The best backs are multi-faceted. McCoy is versatile, reliable, young and coming off a season in which he set a franchise record with 20 touchdowns. Best of all for the Eagles, he just signed a five-year extension.

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