Two months later, the Eagles' first Super Bowl title continues to sit poorly with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Jones, whose team last held up the Lombardi Trophy in 1995, was asked by ESPN's Todd Archer during last week's NFL owners meetings how the Eagles were able to evolve into Super Bowl champions in just two years under head coach Doug Pederson, while the Cowboys have struggled under Jason Garrett's tenure to even make the playoffs.

"Well, Philadelphia had been trying to win a Super Bowl the 30 years I'd been in the NFL and got it this year. Not two [years]," Jones shot back. "So, they've been trying a long time to win a Super Bowl and other teams have, too. So, it wasn't just a two-year run for them to go to the Super Bowl."

From Jones' perspective, the Eagles and the Cowboys are a lot alike, including two young quarterbacks who have become faces of their respective franchises. But while Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz blossomed in his second year in the NFL, the Cowboys' Dak Prescott regressed somewhat, especially when throwing under pressure.

There's also a big difference between the two teams when it comes to the playoffs. Only six franchises have fewer postseason victories than the Cowboys (three) since 1996. Just for the sake of comparison, the Eagles have the sixth-most, with 13.

Still, Jones doesn't appear to think the gap between the two franchises is all that large.

"I think that if the gap is defined as them winning the Super Bowl and [us] not even getting in the playoffs, then we've got to close the gap," Jones said. "I think that we should've been in the playoffs. We weren't. But I don't believe that us not being in the playoffs this past year is the size of the gap."

This isn't the first time Jones has weighed in on the Eagles this offseason. In February, he expressed his misery to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, telling reporter Clarence Hill, Jr. he felt "uncomfortable" about the Eagles' success and indicated that the Cowboys needed to make changes to keep up.

"The muffled voice you have been hearing is me screaming in my pillow over not being here and seeing Philadelphia," Jones said.

Despite his disappointment and frustration, Jones admitted last month that he actually rooted for the Eagles during the Super Bowl.

"As much as we have the rivalry that we have, and as frustrating as it was for the Cowboys not to be playing, as much as all of that, I was proud of them, given that narrow set of circumstances, could root for them," Jones said during the NFL Combine in Indianapolis in March. "That takes it right down to just absolutely no choice, you either do or you die. And I want to go again."

Still, Jones couldn't hide his disappointment about the Cowboys' failure to keep pace with the Eagles.

"We got some comparables to where they are, so then why not us? What's wrong with us," Jones said.