Here are some highlights from Eagles head coach Doug Pederson and quarterback Carson Wentz's postgame press conferences:

Doug Pederson

On LeGarrette Blount leading the team in carries last week, then not rushing the ball at all today:

It's an area that we have to address, we have to fix, offensively. Obviously, I wasn't pleased with how we ran the ball, really in the first two weeks. It's not one individual, it's a team effort. So we've got to fix that going forward.


He's part of the whole process here, and it's something that we've got to address, we've got to fix, moving forward. It's not just one guy. It takes all of us. It takes all 11 in the run game. So we've just got to evaluate it, fix it and get better.

On whether it was the game plan to not feature Blount, and give Darren Sproles the ball a lot more:

Not necessarily. I just wanted to show, going in, I felt like we could do some things against the secondary against the Chiefs, and throwing the ball. Obviously, you hope your run game is on track and on point. It wasn't. So from that standpoint, it was tough sledding later in the game, when sometimes you want to rely on that run game. We've just got to get it fixed. No ifs, ands, or buts. We've got to go to work.

On whether Blount will continue to not get the ball very much:

I can't stand up here and say that. We've just got to get the whole thing fixed. When you play good teams, like we did, good defenses, you have to have the ability to run the ball. This is two weeks now we've struggled. So it's an area that we have to fix.

On the run-pass balance in Sunday’s game — 56 called pass plays and 13 called run plays, and whether that is sustainable:

Not at all. I would agree. That's not a balance for success. By no means do you want to do that, at all. That's why I made the comments earlier about we've got to fix the running game.

On the impact the lack of rushing plays has on Carson Wentz:

It's tough to always have to rely on the throw. But listen, we're all in this together. We'll evaluate this film, we'll go back and roll our sleeves up and get it corrected. And we'll make sure that the next time out, we do a better job in that area.

On whether he’s going to bench Isaac Seumalo after today’s poor performance:

No, I've got a lot of confidence in Isaac. And again, without evaluating the film, I don't want to point fingers. But at the same time, we've got to make sure that we get him coached up right and headed in the right direction.

Carson Wentz

On the run-pass balance:

I'm not overly concerned about the run game. I know that will be a big part of our offense going forward. It was just kind of the flow of the game today.


Obviously, more balance is usually the way to go. But again, it was kind of just the nature of this game, the way they were playing some things, and some things that we thought we could take advantage of, that kind of led us down that route. And then obviously late in the game, when we're down, we're throwing every down. So that always kind of sways things a little bit.

On LeGarrette Blount not getting any carries:

When you've got a couple of running backs that all can do different things – am I surprised? I wouldn't say surprised. Last week, Wendell [Smallwood] wasn't as involved. When you've got three guys, it's hard to get them all involved, and I think we only had 13 running plays today anyway. So it's hard to get everyone touches sometimes.