After his team just fell short of overcoming a 30-point deficit, in Cleveland's 132-130 loss to the 76ers on Friday at the Wells Fargo Center, Cavs superstar LeBron James had high praise for the Philadelphia fans.

The sellout crowd of 20,769 was charged up for a game in which the Sixers (49-30) moved into the No. 3 seed ahead of the Cavaliers (49-31) in the Eastern Conference. The Sixers also extended their win streak to 13 games.

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When asked about the atmosphere and the crowd support, James wasn't surprised in the least.

"To be honest, I have been coming here to Philly for a while, starting with A.I. (Allen Iverson), the days in between after A.I. when they weren't that good to now," James said. "Philly fans haven't changed."

He then expanded on that comment.

"They love their team, they love their ball club. They come out and support," he said. "Obviously riding the winning streak, you know, and also you add in Villanova and you add in the Eagles, obviously that helps as well but it has always been kind of rowdy coming here."