Ruben Amaro Jr. used the word "motivated" often Tuesday to describe Delmon Young, who settled for a $6 million paycut to join the Phillies. Young admitted he followed bad habits last season once he knew he was destined for designated hitter duty in Detroit.

"When I knew I wasn't going to see the field," Young said, "you can eat just a little bit extra."

Young said he weighed in at 238 pounds Tuesday during his physical examination. He'll need to lose more weight if he is to make an extra $600,000. How's that for motivation?

Young's one-year, $750,000 contract includes bonuses based on his weight, according to The Associated Press. Young must be weighed six separate instances, the timing of which will be chosen by the Phillies.

Each time he makes weight, Young receives $100,000. The first three times he must weigh 230 pounds or less. He must weigh 235 pounds or less for the last three weigh-ins.

Young said his opening-day weight in 2012 was 225 pounds. His conditioning, exacerbated by a bad ankle that required microfracture surgery, suffered during the season.

Young's salary can go as high as $3.5 million with various other incentives based on playing time and performance.

"I've been on a strict diet," Young said. "You can get carried away on clubhouse food and late night room service. Some ice cream and good luck cakes. But when you go back to the outfield, you have got to eat lighter."

The Phillies will pad Young's wallet if he does.

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