NEW YORK – Pat Neshek underwent an MRI on Tuesday afternoon but Phillies general manager Matt Klentak said the team has "been given no reason to be concerned" about the health of the relief pitcher's right shoulder.

Neshek was placed on the disabled list after he felt discomfort in his shoulder before opening day. He said then that he was afraid the injury might be something serious. Klentak is not alarmed.

"Clinically, it doesn't appear that there is anything wrong," Klentak said. "But the tightness in his shoulder doesn't seem to be going away. So we are just going to play it safe, get him looked at, and make sure we can rule out anything bad."

The Phillies signed Neshek on the same day as relief pitcher Tommy Hunter, who also started the season on the disabled list. Hunter pitched Monday against minor-leaguers and joined the team Tuesday at Citi Field. Hunter still has some tightness in his hamstring and cannot be activated until Thursday. Hunter is unsure when he can return. Klentak said the Phillies are not going to rush him back to pitch in cold weather and that the team's main concern is how well the pitcher can field his position.

"You know, we have a catcher who can come out and get it, too. If you put all this on me, then we're in trouble," Hunter deadpanned. "I'm just going to be honest. If I need to cover first or something, we've got a first baseman that can also cover first. We've got a second baseman who can get over there too if the first baseman comes and gets it. If I don't have to leave the dirt, I think we're going to be alright. The more I run, the worse off the team is going to be. I'm just saying. At all. If I'm running, that's not good. If any pitcher is running, it's not good."

Extra bases

Jake Arrieta also pitched Monday in Clearwater and remains on track to pitch Sunday at Citizens Bank Park.  He threw 66 pitches over four innings and "came out feeling great," Klentak said. "He was alright," Hunter said. "Not as good as me. But he was alright. I didn't have to throw as many pitches, so odds are that I was going to be better. But he's good. He'll be ready."…Mark Leiter Jr. had an ultrasound on his right arm as the team tried to gather more information on his flexor strain. He continues to "progress fine," Klentak said…Wednesday's telecast will only be available on Facebook. Aaron Nola will face Noah Syndergaard.

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