Another update from Andrew Bynum before the 76ers-Clippers game, and another Q and A that produced some more head scratching about the condition of his knees, particularly the left one that has been giving the 7-footer the most pain of late.

Bynum seemed optimistic about the fact that he had been on the court Saturday and Sunday, getting in workouts up to 2 hours. He said in those sessions he was able to do some defensive slides, dunk the ball, run up and down the court and perform post up moves.

Then a bit later, he admitted that the pain was too severe in the left knee to allow any optimism or a time frame as to when he may be back.

"I started to do basketball work," he said. "I think I worked out for 2 days on the court and then I had a lot of pain so we backed down a little bit (Monday). Probably get on the Alter G (anti gravity machine) tomorrow (Tuesday) and we'll just progress as much as we can.

I'm not sure (about debuting this month), it's all going to depend on if we get a setback or not. Right now things are going well, I'm losing weight and I'm staying on the court as long as I can, so that's good."

And then came the bad.

"I'm not very optimistic," Bynum admitted. "When I get on the court, that's when I want to be ready. I'm trying as hard as I can. It would suck to play through pain but sometimes you have to. Not actually (going through) contact. I went through some drills with teammates and stuff but no contact."

Asked if this pain is worse than any he's played through before, Bynum said: "Definitely, I think it's just not ready yet."

As for the good coming out of the workouts, Bynum said that he is losing weight, down to about 305 now. He said he likes to play somewhere around 285 to 295.

For now, the saga continues.