Shortly after midnight Tuesday, just hours after the announcement that the 76ers offered center Joel Embiid a five-year, $148 million extension, Embiid tweeted a picture of himself in uniform with open arms and a caption that read: "The Process to be continued…… I LOVE YOU PHILADELPHIA "

The Twitterverse did not disappoint in its response.

Grown men reached out to Embiid, hoping that he might be their father, or that he might consider adopting them.

Others tweeted at Embiid asking for small loans monetary gifts.

Many of the responses had to do with fans' hopes that Embiid, who has only played in 31 games since 2014 due to injuries, will remain healthy enough to earn his massive salary.

Others worried that the money itself might prove dangerous to Embiid's health.

Several people suggested that, given his new salary, Embiid is now obligated to buy a round of Shirley Temples — his favorite drink — for everyone.

And, of course, there were those who took the opportunity to take cheap shots at Philadelphia. To those haters, we say the only cheap shots we tolerate here in Philly come in citywide specials.

But even in the darkest corners of the Internet, there is light. Perhaps the sweetest response Embiid received to his tweet was just a simple "Welcome home."