Joel Embiid's Twitter strikes again, this time with the reigning NBA Finals MVP in its crosshairs.

In case you missed it, Kevin Durant had a weird moment on Twitter. Using the third person from his account on Monday, he sharply criticized the Oklahoma City Thunder organization and coach Billy Donovan in response to a fan challenging why he would leave the Thunder.

He deleted the tweets fairly quickly, but not in time to avoid screenshots and speculation.

So, Durant allegedly created accounts to spar with social media trolls anonymously. Some research by the Reddit users in the NBA subreddit uncovered that Durant has a personal Instagram account he also uses to feud with detractors.

The situation led to a lot of jokes, including one from Embiid, which featured great hyperbole and even better hashtags.

In case you're wondering, the Sixers play the Warriors on Nov. 11 at Oracle Arena.