Things were looking good for the Sixers.

Really good.

In fact, lots of celebrities were out at the Wells Fargo Center.

Things started off great. Ben Simmons doubled his Thursday point total less than a minute in. The Sixers took a 20-19 lead after the first quarter.

The Sixers started cruising in the second quarter after Joel Embiid made this devastating dunk over the Celtics' Aron Baynes.

Joel Embiid's furious dunk over the Celtics' Aron Baynes after being fed the ball by Ben Simmons sent the Sixers into halftime riding high, down just 3 points.

The two rivals were trading bucket-for-bucket throughout the third quarter – neither team had a lead larger than five.

And then … things started to turn south.

It started when Ben Simmons missed this dunk, which you'll probably see on SportsCenter's Not Top 10 tonight.

The Sixers stayed in it, though, and the game was tied up with under a second left. Time was running out … then Marco Belinelli happened.

Belinelli's buzzer beater was scored as a two. The confetti operator, on the other hand, thought it was a three-pointer. And now it's time for all the best confetti jokes.

But wait – it gets funnier. Our own Keith Pompey found the guy who's in charge of the confetti at Wells Fargo.

He chose the perfect day to wear that shirt.

Wanna help out confetti guy? One fan already set up a GoFundMe.

After the Wells Fargo staff had to clean up that mess, the Sixers made a mess of overtime.

Now the Sixers are on the brink of elimination, with the Celtics having the chance to sweep the series when it picks back up Monday.