It doesn't take a degree in Hinkalytics to see that the Celtics are killing the Sixers with open threes. And the Sixers are hurting themselves by missing their open looks.

Boston has made 32 three-pointers in the first two games of this series. Thirty of them are considered to have been "open" or "wide open" shots according to the NBA's analytics' statistics. The Celts are shooting almost 50 percent on those attempts. The Sixers have made 16 open threes, at a dim 30 percent. Put it all together, and it helps form an 0-2 Sixers' hole.

Somebody call a timeout already.

Here's a look at the numbers:

Celtics’ offense/Second round (2 games)

Sixers' defender tight or very tight: 2 for 9 (22.2 percent)

Sixers' defender 4-plus feet away: 30 for 62 (48.4 percent)

Notable: Boston point guard Terry Rozier was a 38 percent shooter on open threes during the regular season. In this series, he has 11 for 17 (64.7 percent). He missed the only attempt he had while closely guarded by a Sixer.

Sixers’ offense/Second round (2 games)

Boston defender tight or very tight: 2 for 5 (40.0 percent)

Boston defender 4-plus feet away: 16 for 53 (30.2 percent)

Notable: JJ Redick is 7 for 16 (43.8 percent) on three-pointers for the series. He is 3 for 5 (60.0 percent) when no Celtics defender is within six feet of him, 4 for 11 (36.4 percent) when he is open between 4 and 6 feet. He has not attempted a three-point shot when he's been tightly guarded. Joel Embiid (3 for 11) and Dario Saric (2 for 10) are shooting a combined 23.8 percent on three-pointers for the series.

Celtics’ offense/First round (7 games)

Milwaukee defender tight or very tight: 10 for 33 (30.3 percent)

Milwaukee defender 4-plus feet away: 61 for 167 (36.5 percent)

Sixers’ offense/First round (5 games)

Miami defender tight or very tight: 8 for 30 (26.7 percent)

Miami defender 4+ feet away: 49 for 123 (39.8 percent)