Sorry Nick Wright, Philadelphia doesn't forget.

Ahead of the Eagles' Super Bowl parade on Thursday, the crew that runs the team's official Twitter account wanted to remind fans about the blinding contempt Wright had for the Birds all season on FS1's First Things First.

Here's the original tweet from First Things First:

"Much to a chagrin of my partner Cris Carter, I'm going to call his former team pretenders," Wright said during a broadcast at the end of the December. "I think every team that makes the playoffs in the NFC has a better shot of making the Super Bowl than your number one seed Philadelphia Eagles."

To his credit, Wright issued an apology following the Eagles' victory over the Vikings in the NFC championship game, noting that Lincoln Financial Field was the loudest outdoor stadium he's ever experienced (and even added there was a section of fans that started a "Nick Wright sucks" chant).

"There are few things in my sports life I've been more wrong about than I've been about these Eagles all year," Wright admitted. "Philly was outstanding and I totally misjudged them this year."

Of course, the Eagles' social media team has been on point all season. According to analytics obtained by Twitter, @Eagles sent the most viral tweet during the Super Bowl, and it only took three words: "Super. Bowl. Champions."

Wright isn't the first FS1 host the @Eagles account has gone after. During the season, the Eagles' social media team shut down The Herd host Colin Cowherd, upending his anti-Philadelphia stereotypes in what remains one of the best messages shared on Twitter all season: