Chalk this up to the dangers of live television.

During the Eagles' Super Bowl parade, center Jason Kelce (dressed head-to-toe in Mummers garb) hopped off the team's bus to give high fives to Birds fans when a spontaneous chant of "We're from Philly" broke out.

>> LIVE UPDATES: Follow along as the parade makes its way through Philadelphia

Kelce, who has spent his entire seven-year NFL career with the Eagles, enthusiastically joined in, forcing 6ABC to cut away quickly when the two-time Pro Bowler began tossing out the song's customary f-bombs.

Watch (warning: explicit language):

Kelce was also spotted making his way up the parade route on a police officer's bicycle and chugging a beer, all within the first few minutes of the start of the parade.

"I'm having a blast, brother!" Kelce said.

Kelce's verbal snafu wasn't the only profane moment caught on live television. Prior to the start of the parade, NFL Network host Kyle Brandt (beloved by Birds fans for his passionate defense of the Eagles) asked a fan to say one nice thing about the Cowboys.

Predictably, the conversation didn't go well.

Brandt was among the few NFL pundits who picked the Eagles to win throughout the playoffs and into the Super Bowl. He said he was fired up to host today's parade on the NFL Network. Earlier Thursday morning, he showed a picture of his on-air attire: