Amidst a sea of celebrating Eagles fans following the team's 41-33 Super Bowl LII win over the Patriots, FOX 29's Chris O'Connell was completely surprised when he turned around to see Sixers phenom Joel Embiid.

"It's Joel Embiid!" an overly excited O'Connell shouted. "JoJo! JoJo!"

Embiid, who has been spotted by many social media lurkers during the Super Bowl, was out celebrating with jubilant fans reacting to the Eagles' first Super Bowl victory.

"That was amazing. I'm happy for the whole city of Philadelphia," a happy Embiid said as Eagles fans cheered loudly.

"We're up next and I'm going to try my best to do it," Embiid continued, before looking into the camera and screaming, "Trust the process!"


New York Times thinks the Phillies won the Super Bowl

Breaking news: The Phillies have won the Super Bowl.

In a hastily sent Facebook post, the New York Times inadvertently gave the Phillies credit for the Eagles' stunning 41-33 victory over the Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

Don't worry, we won't label the Times "Fake News." Everyone makes mistakes, and "The Gray Lady" quickly corrected the post to reflect that it was indeed the Eagles that won the Super Bowl.

It's just a good thing Eagles running back Jay Ajayi reads the Philadelphia Inquirer to keep up with the Birds.

Duracell alienates all of Philadelphia

Sorry Duracell, but chances are residents in the Delaware Valley will be switching to Energizer.

During the most euphoric moment in the history of the Eagles, Duracell sent out a tweet trolling the team over the lazy stereotype of Birds fans throwing batteries during games.

Nothing's worse than a lazy troll. If you're going to make fun of Eagles fans, at least try to drum up some wit.