Is Philly Democratic boss Bob Brady stiffing his party in the midterm elections?

Brady, the leader of Philadelphia's Democratic Party, gave $0 in dues to the DCCC this campaign cycle.

Corruption allegations? Voters don’t seem to care

Voters in states or districts that are traditionally noncompetitive appear willing to overlook ethical shortcomings to send a message in the midterm elections.

With less than a month until midterm elections, Bucks County faces a shortage of poll workers

As the Nov. 6 midterms draw nearer, Bucks County is rapidly recruiting poll workers.

Comfortably ahead, Pa. Gov. Wolf takes low-risk approach in reelection bid

Gov. Wolf's strategy includes millions in TV ads, campaigning in friendly Democratic territory and avoiding engaging Scott Wagner directly.
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Inside the 'very awkward' S. Jersey congressional race between former friends Jeff Van Drew and Seth Grossman

Jeff Van Drew, the conservative Democrat, is labeled a "Pelosi liberal," and Seth Grossman is all MAGA all the time in New Jersey's Second Congressional District.

Pennsylvania’s biggest campaigns are now even bigger disappointments | John Baer

Political campaigns for our state's highest offices are falling well short of what taxpayers, voters and citizens deserve.

At Burlington County diner, Joe Biden rallies support for Democratic House candidate Andy Kim

Joe Biden stumps for Andy Kim in Willingboro as Kim and incumbent Tom MacArthur are locked in a battle for a congressional seat in the Third District

Casey pulls TV ad from Scranton after Barletta’s objection

Democratic U.S. Sen. Bob Casey is pulling a TV ad from the home market of Republican challenger U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta, after Barletta called it cruel to his family

On Scott Wagner's wacky moment | John Baer

Just when you think you've seen it all in politics, along comes Scott Wagner.

Lou Barletta, citing grandson with cancer, lashes out at Bob Casey over health-care campaign ad

U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta assails U.S. Sen. Bob Casey Jr. for criticizing him on health-care policy in a new ad while Barletta's 18-month-old grandson undergoes chemotherapy for cancer.

What to know about immigration, sanctuary cities and border security for the 2018 midterm elections

President Trump generally has had his way on immigration, implementing policies to reduce the number of people coming into this country illegally as well as legally.

What to know about health care and insurance for the 2018 midterm elections

Health care is top of mind for Republicans and Democrats alike leading into midterm elections.

How Donald Trump shapes the 2018 midterm elections

It's hard to think of a race in which Trump isn't a factor.

What to know about taxes, the economy, and jobs for the 2018 midterm elections

A Democratic takeover of the House could stymie Trump's economic agenda, which has so far included sharply lower corporate tax rates, a series of tariffs, and cuts in regulation.

What to know about gun control and safety for the 2018 midterm elections

Attention to gun-related issues has heightened since the last time Pennsylvania and New Jersey voters sent anyone to Congress, the result of several high-profile mass shootings.

Scott Wagner says he’ll ‘stomp all over’ Gov. Wolf’s face in heated campaign message

"Well, Gov. Wolf, let me tell you, between now and Nov. 6, you better put a catcher's mask on your face. Because I'm going to stomp all over your face with golf spikes because I'm gonna win this for the state of Pennsylvania."

GOP House candidate wins big gun-control endorsement, but activists cry foul

Brian Fitzpatrick scored a major endorsement from a gun control group, but its local chapter disbanded in protest.
It's hard to find a race in which the president won't impact the election.
Health care is a top priority for both parties and has been especially important to swing voters.
The election will help determine whether immigration restrictions will continue.
A Democratic takeover of the House could stymie Trump’s economic agenda.