* Stop, thiefs: A final word on the whole huzzah about sign-stealing. In talking about the accusations, Charlie Manuel turned right around and pointed a finger at the Mets. He noted as proof the Amazin's dominance at Citi Field but trouble winning on the road. Mets manager Jerry Manuel acted amused. "Tell Charlie our bullpen is a little far," he told the

New York Daily News

. "He likes to keep the rivalry going, I guess."

* Perfect quote: Athletics righthander Braden Dallas, who pitched the 19th perfect game in history against Tampa Bay last week, was asked in one of the innumerable media availabilities about a certain 47-year-old Phillies lefthander. "Jamie Moyer played catch with Jesus and he's still getting it done," Dallas said.

* Phormer Phillie Phile: There is some speculation in Tampa Bay that the first-place Rays might consider releasing slumping DH Pat Burrell. The trigger would be that Hank Blalock, on a minor league contract that allows him to opt for free agency if the team doesn't promote him by a specified date, is threatening to exercise that right.

Burrell is hitting .213 with two homers and 13 RBI in the second year of a 2-year contract. Blalock is .362-4-24 at Triple A Durham.

But the most staggering stat is this: Burrell, a righthanded slugger, hasn't hit a single homer against a lefthanded pitcher while wearing a Rays uniform. That's just hard to believe.

* OK, Blue Jay: Moving the June 25-27 Phillies-Blue Jays series from Toronto to Philadelphia because of conflicts with the G-20 Summit is far from ideal, but was probably the best solution to a thorny problem. It will seem odd to see the Phillies wearing their road grays at Citizens Bank Park, though.

* Home cooking: No makeup date has been announced for Wednesday's night's postponement in Colorado, but there don't appear to be any mutual off days between the Phillies and Rockies that would be convenient for both teams.

The Rockies could ask to have it played after the regular season ends, if it impacts the standings, but see themselves as a contender and might prefer to have their pitching as set as possible.

It's unlikely, but they could play it in Philly when the Rockies visit in late July. That would give the Phils 85 games in their home park, which has to be some kind of record.