Call it Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington. Jada Pinkett Smith testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Tuesday, calling for America to wage a vigorous war against human trafficking, which has become a multibillion-dollar global industry.

"Fighting slavery doesn't cost a lot of money. The costs of allowing it to exist in our nation and abroad are much higher," Jada said. "It robs us of the thing we value most, our freedom." Jada was flanked at the hearing by hub Will Smith and their daughter, Willow.

Michael Clarke Duncan stable

Michael Clarke Duncan, 54, best known for his Oscar-nominated role as the gentle John Coffey in The Green Mile, remained on a respirator at a Los Angeles-area hospital after suffering a heart attack Friday, but was showing signs of recovery. "He is now stable and we look forward to his full recovery," said his rep.

Charlie Sheen on ‘American Idol'?!

Charlie Sheen is excited (and we all know what happens when Chas gets excited) by (unfounded) rumors he's to become a judge on American Idol. The preposterous idea appeals to him. "It seemed so out of the blue that it almost made perfect sense," he tells Ryan Seacrest. "I thought, 'This could be really fun.'?" Seriously? "I'm genuinely interested."

Chas' credentials? "I think I can give these kids some guidance without leading them to suicide," he told Jay Leno Monday night.

Boybander is a manbander now

"I'm like the old man on campus now," says Joe Jonas, whose 22 years make him a decrepit senior in the boyband world. The Jonas Brothers brother tells he's thrilled for the new crop of young'uns. "I'm really happy for groups like One Direction," he says. "I think they're really good guys."

Joe has exciting news: The Brothers are working on a new album.

Speaking of overage boybanders, the Backstreet Boys, whose members are pushing 40, told Good Morning America Tuesday they're recording their fifth album.

Dylan, 71, going like sixty

Bob Dylan released his first album in 1962 — that's half a century ago. He's not done: Bob, 71, will release his 36th studio LP, the Bard of Avon-ish-titled Tempest, on Sept. 11.

Tidbits 'n' pieces

Tom Cruise flew to New York Tuesday to spend time with daughter Suri. He even took her to her gymnastics lesson, says TMZ. ... Rosie O'Donnell has bought an $8 mil four-bedroom condo in Greenwich Village, says the New York Post. ... Selma Blair's Hollywood pad, which was listed for $1.78 mil, has been picked up by New Girl show creator Liz Meriwether.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Fame

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 31, who has been plugging away at the acting thing since 1988, finally has arrived: The Dark Knight Rises and Looper star is on the cover of GQ. Finally famous, JGL disses fame. "I really don't like this notion that some people are more important than other people," he says. "These stories about these elevated people called 'celebrities' teaches [regular folks] that what you have to say doesn't matter. It's degrading."

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