Update: Eagletarian has confirmation from Joe Banner. It's official, folks.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting that the Eagles have signed Michael Vick to a two-year deal.

This has to qualify as the most shocking news involving the team, well, maybe ever?

Just last week, Andy Reid was asked about the possibility of signing Vick and here's what he said during a TV interview:

"I'm happy with my quarterback situation here," he said. "I do believe this kid deserves a second chance, and there's nobody better to have in your corner than Tony Dungy, man. He's a class, class act, and I know commissioner [Roger] Goodell has stood up on the table for the kid, so I'm sure there were some things that happened there that built that trust in him. He's got great people in his corner, and I'm pulling for him."

Earlier in camp Reid was asked about Vick and said he believes in second chances at this point in his life.

Donovan McNabb had also been asked about Vick and said he believed he should get a chance to play in the NFL without receiving any further punishment from the league.

How do you feel about the signing?

More soon.