You can go to Beiler's Doughnuts at Reading Terminal Market for your fill of gooey carbs, of course, but Kevin Beiler gives customers another reason to head to the family's shop in University City (3900 Chestnut St., on the 39th Street side).

I mean no disrespect to Weckerly's in Fishtown, whose artisan ice cream sandwiches are refined creations made from seasonal ingredients, but Beiler's turns out what might be the ultimate Philly ice cream sandwich.

That is, it combines one of Philly's most popular homegrown doughnuts and the wares of the nation's oldest ice cream company, Bassetts.

Beiler's sells the ice cream sandwiches ($4.99) — one doughnut, sliced open, encasing two scoops of Bassetts — only at University City to avoid competing with the Bassetts stand at Reading Terminal.

The flavor combos seem endless. Beiler's — and be a pro by pronouncing it "BAY-lers" — has several dozen varieties in the case at any one time, as well as eight flavors of ice cream, such as chocolate, vanilla, cookies & cream, peach, and salted caramel.

Beiler's ice cream sandwich, $4.99, 3900 Chestnut St.