Twelve years in, Bistro 7 chef/owner Michael O'Halloran was toying with doing something different for his summertime slow season in Old City.

So O'Halloran, who cooked in Tucson years ago, turned Bistro 7 into a Southwest-style BYOB called Dos Rosas Taqueria for the month of August.

When September rolled around and the customers seemed to groove on his menu of tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and desserts (including key lime custard and coconut rice pudding), he took a step back.

With a bit of redecorating, Bistro 7 has yielded to Dos Rosas, permanently.

"I like making people happy with my cooking," O'Halloran said.

One dish that should make everyone happy — except for your cardiologist and maybe your endocrinologist — is the Sonoran hot dog ($8), a beer-braised beef dog wrapped in bacon, deep-fried, and served on a crunchy roll filled with drunken beans, pickled cabbage, pickled jalapeno, and queso fresco.

Address is 7 N. Third St., just north of Market.

Hours are 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. weekdays, 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday.