Former New Jersey Gov. Jim Florio announced Wednesday that he will join the advisory board of a Colorado marijuana company called Nuka Enterprises that makes cannabis-infused "artisanal chocolate formulations."

"The time for responsible change has come," said Florio, who served as governor from 1990 to 1994, in a statement. "I am proud to be partnering with Nuka who have been recognized for their safe, innovative, and progressive approach to the cannabis edibles market."

Florio and his law firm will work to expand Nuka's presence in New Jersey. Under current regulations, cannabis-infused candies and drinks are not available for adult use in the Garden State.

"We expect the legislature to pass a bill soon which changes the law to permit edibles and other products," said Jamie Hannah, a spokesman for Florio. "Every indication from the executive and legislative branch is that this is noncontroversial."

Florio's law firm, Florio Perrucci Steinhardt & Capelli, LLC, were unsuccessful contenders for a marijuana growing operation in Pennsylvania. Joining Nuka, Florio joins the ranks of high-profile public servants venturing into the cannabis industry. Earlier this year, former Speaker of the House John Boehner and former Mass. Gov. William Weld joined the advisory boards of Acreage Holdings, a multistate cannabis producer.

Nuka Enterprises was founded by Peter Barsoom, a former Wall Street financier and New Jersey native.

"This is an exciting time of economic growth in New Jersey, which has the potential to be totally transformative for cannabis legislation and regulation," Barsoom said in a statement. "This is our opportunity to get this right — to get social justice right, to get research right, to get the consumer experience right."