You might think the most important factors in selling your home come down to top-notch shots of the interior, major curb appeal and a plum location. But a recent study indicates that the language in your listing can make a significant difference in your bottom line.

After an analysis of more than 4 million home sales, Zillow has arrived at the ultimate set of listing terms that add value to your home sale. Steam shower was the most lucrative term they found, which earned sellers a 29 percent higher sale price when compared with similar listings that did not mention a steam shower. The study looked at 100 terms in all, including pizza oven (a 25 percent premium) and professional appliance (29 percent).

Researchers at Zillow also segmented their results based on where in the pricing continuum the home fell. When constraining the list to just those priced at entry level (the bottom third of the market) the term solar panels added a staggering 40 percent to the sale price. Mid-level homes made an extra 24 percent when a shed/garage studio was listed as an amenity. Homes in the top third of the market added 38 percent to sales prices when using Sub-Zero refrigerator.

The study also examined how terms affected speed of sale, noting that homes listing exposed brick, open shelving and subway tile all sold between 10 days and two weeks faster than the competition.