So long, Seeso. Proving that not everything Comcast touches turns to gold, the streaming pay comedy service Seeso announced Wednesday, via Facebook, that it's shutting down, just 20 months after launching under Comcast's NBC/Universal division. Subscription numbers were just so-so and operating costs high for the $3.99 a month offering, which mixed commercial-free reruns of NBC hits like 30 Rock and SNL with a fair amount of original content, including HarmonQuest, Hidden America with Jonah Ray, and My Brother, My Brother and Me. Pundits feared the jokes were bombing when channel chief Evan Shapiro was canned in May, then multiple layoffs followed in June. Seeso originals, including a yet-to-launch Tony Danza-topped series imagining backstage life with Johnny Carson There's … Johnny will be salvaged by streaming channel pioneer VRV  (Otter Media) which serves Crunchroll, Funimation, Cartoon Hangover, and Machinima, among others.