Wood-fired pizza aficionados can now find versions of a Brooklyn favorite in the freezer case at Whole Foods. Roberta's, which opened a decade ago and has since developed a line of pies aimed at replicating the flavors of its restaurant offerings, recently expanded its distribution to Philadelphia.

Roberta's is available locally in two varieties. The Margherita is topped with creamy discs of mozzarella, tangy tomato sauce, olive oil, and basil leaves. The Baby Sinclair is a white pie with cheddar, Parmigiano, dinosaur kale, garlic, and Calabrian chilies, which give it a touch of heat.

The pizzas are made with the same fresh ingredients as the pies served in the restaurant, like the dough and the house-made mozzarella. They're then blast-chilled and vacuum-sealed, and they're ready to eat after five or six minutes in the oven.

The pies taste fresher than many other frozen ones. The crust has char spots and even the slightly ashy, wood-fired flavor that leaves a fine dust of crumbs on the fingertips.

Roberta's wood-fired pizza, $10.99 at Whole Foods Markets