Last week social media sites were blowing up over beautiful Beyonce, her new babies, and perhaps most importantly, her flat belly.

The gorgeous photo of the 35-year-old celebrity and her babies, Sir Carter and Rumi went viral instantly.

It seemed women everywhere were buzzing about Beyonce, perhaps more about her baby bounce back, than the new twins.  While some women gave Bey a standing ovation, others were burning mad and suspicious (and I suspect green with envy).

Ladies were emailing me if this was even possible or real.  My reply was yes, it is possible for some women to bounce back quickly after giving birth, though highly unlikely for the majority.  And yes, you too could bounce back quicker after giving birth, if you had round the clock childcare, a personal chef, a personal trainer, a housekeeper, and, a team for make-up, fashion, and hair.  And least we forget, good old Photoshop to make you look celebrity picture perfect every time.

With that said, my advice to new moms who aren't celebrities, is accept the changes of your post-pregnancy body and embrace motherhood fully.  While I know it is difficult, ignore the celebrity media images and don't compare yourself to those unrealistic standards.

For average women, it will take like a minimum of three months or a year or more if you're more thickly built, to shed the extra pounds. And that's if you are grinding it out at the gym and eating relatively clean too.

More important that instant weight loss, you should be giving yourself a round of applause for your participation in the most amazing human experience — the creation of life and a new human being.  So, give yourself a break and all the time you need.  I mean really, it took 40 weeks (a full-term pregnancy) to grow another human being.  After all of that, you should be exhausted and if you had a "C Section" it will take you even longer to recover.

I say all of this to say, it is just not healthy or realistic for real women to lose post pregnancy weight fast.  And ordinary women should not feel any shame, nor pressure to meet unrealistic celebrity standards.

Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss is hard, but not impossible

Losing weight and keeping it off is hard for nearly everyone, and this is especially true after giving birth.  Dieting is the last thing (and it should be) that you're thinking about when you're sleep deprived, your hormones are raging, and you're adjusting to your new life as a new mother. So forget about dieting and work towards eating healthier.

Working out is good for you and your baby

After giving birth, start or resume exercising as soon as your doctor gives you clearance.  Besides feeling great, regular exercise will help you tone up, and aid you in managing postpartum baby blues.  For decades, researchers and scientists have learned that exercise during pregnancy benefits not only the expectant mother but her baby, too.  Guess what, continuing the exercise habit once your baby is born continues to benefit mama and baby alike.  Also, be sure to incorporate exercises that you can do with your new baby like modified push ups, squats with baby in tow, and stroller strides.

New Mamas need unconditional self-love

It's not easy being a mom, and all new mamas can surely use a healthy dose of unconditional self-love.  This is especially true in this society, because many women erroneously believe that they have to hold themselves to the relentless unrealistic images of celebrities.  But guess what, you don't have to buy into the celebrity hype, and you can choose compassionate self-acceptance instead.   That being the case, stop aping the behavior of celebrities and find your own personal owners manual within.