Christen is a sweet and happy 6-year-old with brown hair and brown eyes. The first thing that draws your attention to him is his bright, welcoming smile. His teachers say he always greets them with a smile.

Christen delights in exploring his surroundings and spends many happy hours playing outside, where he can jump and run. Although he is intrigued by a variety of toys, his favorite is Mr. Potato Head. He also enjoys having lunch at a buffet and going to get ice cream in the park.

Christen does not usually seek out other children his age to play with, but he will sit with them during activities. He easily bonds with adults he knows well and enjoys snuggling and being tickled by them.

Christen primarily communicates his needs and wants through a picture communication book and a speech-generated device. Music is especially soothing to him.

He would do well in a home with two parents who would give him unconditional love and a structured, stable environment. He should be the youngest or only child in the home. Christen has a close relationship with his foster sister, and it is important that they remain in touch.

Christen and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Paige Roller at the National Adoption Center.