As birthday celebrations go, few can match 17-year-old Corey Murray's.

The avid bicyclist and member of the cycling crew One Way – he's called "Oneway Corey" – was interviewed on Fox29's Good Day Philadelphia after his celebratory April 27 birthday ride drew hundreds of young cyclists along the Vine Street Expressway in Center City.

It also drew the attention of Pennsylvania state police, who, based on Murray's TV appearance and fame on social media, charged him with disorderly conduct.

On Tuesday, Murray appeared before a special master in Philadelphia Juvenile Court and signed a consent agreement that basically put him on probation for six months.

Murray's attorney, Perry de Marco Jr., said the consent agreement – the juvenile equivalent of a diversion program – means that if Murray has no more offenses for six months, the record of his arrest will be expunged.

Murray also must complete a community-service assignment, which has not yet been determined, de Marco said.

"Murray never intended for anyone getting hurt," said de Marco. "It was supposed to be a birthday celebration, but what happened was, it became quite large."

Unlike some of his companions, Murray never went onto the roadway of I-676, de Marco said, adding that Murray left the wheelie-popping, driver-astonishing procession after he cycled along the walkway that parallels the expressway at Eighth Street.

Murray's brush with fame came with a price, however. De Marco said the South Philadelphia High School student was the only person charged.

"I can say that after meeting Corey, I'm convinced he's a good kid from a good family," added de Marco. "His position is that he wanted to have all people of different races and religions collaborating on this."