An orange wave — or at least an orange trickle — swept through Camden County voting booths on Election Day, as 14 passionate patriots used the power of the polls Tuesday to write in Gritty for a variety of local and national offices.

We hope they wrote it in crayon. Burnt orange.

It's unknown how many write-in votes Gritty — who obviously has the temperament for politics — received in Philly and the surrounding suburban Pennsylvania counties, as election officials there don't expect to have lists of write-in candidates available until at least next week.

On Thursday night, NBC Sports reporter John Clark tweeted a photo of one of the graphic scoreboards at the Flyers game that read: "Gritty received write-in votes in elections in 46 states." A request for confirmation of that astounding stat was not immediately returned by a Flyers spokeswoman.

But in New Jersey, it is confirmed that Gritty received two write-in votes to represent the First District in the U.S. House of Representatives, where he'd obviously be appointed to the Rules Committee and immediately throw them all away.

Eagles Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles also received one write-in nomination to become a congressman for New Jersey's First District, which we think is just so (Philly) special.

Surprisingly, neither Gritty nor Foles received write-in nominations to become a U.S. senator, though someone in a Rush to cast their vote wrote in Geddy Lee.

Gritty snagged two write-in votes to become Camden County sheriff. While we're not sure how we'd feel about Gritty carrying a gun, he'd certainly give a terrifying new meaning to "in the eyes of the law."

Gritty already has to travel with security, so he’ll be ready for a Secret Service detail.
Tom Gralish / Staff Photographer
Gritty already has to travel with security, so he’ll be ready for a Secret Service detail.

Creative write-in candidates for the Camden County Board of Freeholders included Leonardo DiCaprio, which we think would be a Titanic mistake; Sade, which is the Sweetest Taboo; and Larry, Moe, and Curly, which we soitenly approve of.

Knowing that "even the smallest person can change the course of the future," a Tolkien comedian wrote in Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, and Meriadoc Brandybuck for positions on the Board of Freeholders, which we think is just precious. But what about Peregrin Took, the fourth hobbit in the quest? Since voters could only write in three candidates for the Board of Freeholders, the upstanding voter wrote him in for Merchantville mayor.

Perhaps Gritty was always destined for a life in politics, ever since he emerged from the bowels of the Wells Fargo Center and demanded everyone pay attention to him without actually having done anything yet.

So what elected office do you think Gritty should run for in 2020? Should he try to paint the White House orange or unseat a senator by merely pushing him out of the way with his big belly?

Whatever political office Gritty rises to, may he never forget the little people he'll inevitably stomp on to get there.