In what may be one small step for man — but one giant leap for Philadelphians — scientists announced this week that wooder ice has been discovered on the moon.

While this scientific breakthrough did not eclipse the Iggles' Super Bowl win when it comes to astronomical news in Philly this year, people across the region took to social media to celebrate.

The moon's wooder ice, which was incorrectly spelled "water ice" by the smarty-pants scientists who published their findings, was found at the north and south poles of the moon. According to a report from the BBC, the wooder ice is "likely to be ancient in origin," just like that guy in front of you in line at Rita's. Just pick a flavor already!

While the wooder ice has not been taste tested yet — it was detected by a spacecraft from India — we'd like to suggest this flavor be named in honor of Philly's most lunar-friendly section, Crescentville.

According to the BBC, the wooder ice on the moon might be able to be used for drinking or even rocket fuel in the future. We're pretty sure some of the wooder ice in Philly, at times, serves similar purposes now.

Given the discovery, we suggest Virgin Galactic and SpaceX prepare to be inundated wit requests from guys named Chalie who want to sign up to board their civilian space jawns in Iggles sweatpants to get the coldest wooder ice in the galaxy.

But those bouls better be broadcasting the game on board or Chalie ain't going, come hell or high wooder ice.