Friday's Schedule



College Men's 400m Hurdles Championship      9 a.m.

High School Boys' 4x800 Small Schools    9:20-9:30

High School Boys' 4x800 Large Schools    9:40-9:50

PIAA JV/9 Boys 4x100                         10

PIAA JV/9 Girls 4x100                         10:02

PIAA Middle School Boys 4x100                10:04

PIAA Middle School Girls 4x100                   10:06

Camden Diocese Boys 4x100                    10:08

Camden Diocese Girls 4x100                   10:10

South Jersey Middle School Boys 4x100          10:12

South Jersey Middle School Girls 4x100          10:14

Wilmington Diocese Boys 4x100                10:16

Wilmington Diocese Girls 4x100                10:18

Philadelphia Archdiocese Junior Boys 4x100    10:20

Philadelphia Archdiocese Junior Girls 4x100       10:22

Philadelphia Archdiocese Senior Boys 4x100    10:24

Philadelphia Archdiocese Senior Girls 4x100       10:26

Philadelphia 7th & 8th Grade Small Schools Boys 4x100                                         10:28

Philadelphia 7th & 8th Grade Small Schools Girls 4x100                                         10:30

Philadelphia 7th & 8th Grade Large Schools Boys 4x100                                         10:32

Philadelphia 7th & 8th Grade Large Schools Girls 4x100                                         10:34

Philadelphia Area Private & Charter Schools Boys 4x100                                           10:36

Philadelphia Area Private & Charter Schools Girls 4x100                                           10:38

High School Boys' 4x100 (Heats)   10:40-12:05 p.m.

High School Boys' Prep School 4x100 Independent                                                    12:25

Phila. Elementary 4th Grade Shuttle Relay       12:30

Phila. Elementary 5th Grade Shuttle Relay       12:45

Phila. 6th Grade Shuttle Relay                   1

College Men's 4x100 (Heats)                   12:30

College Women's 4x100 Championship of America Invitational                                      12:55

College Women's 4x100 College                1

College Women's 4x100 Eastern                1

High School Girls' 4x800 Championship of America                                                        1:05

College Women's 4x1500 Championship of America Invitational                                         1:15

College Men's 4x200 (Heats)                   1:35

College Women's 4x200 (Heats)                1:55

High School Girls' 4x100 Northeast             2:20

High School Girls' 4x100 National                2:22

High School Girls' 4x100 International             2:24

High School Girls' 4x100 Championship of America                                                        2:27

Special Olympics 4x100                         2:30

Special Olympics 4x100 Unified                2:32

College Men's Distance Medley                   2:35

College Men's Shuttle Hurdles Championship of America Invitational                                3

Olympic Development Men's Shuttle Hurdles 4x110m                                                      3:10

College Women's Shuttle Hurdles Championship of America Invitational                                3:20

College Men's 110m Hurdles (Heats)             3:40

College Women's 100m Hurdles (Heats)          3:55

Special Olympics Boys 100m dash                3

Special Olympics Girls 100m dash                3:03

Masters Men's 100m dash 40 and older          3:05

Masters Men's 100m dash 45 and older          3:07

Masters Men's 100m dash 50 and older          3:09

Masters Men's 100m dash 55 and older          3:11

Masters Men's 100m dash 60 and older          3:13

Masters Men's 100m dash 65 and older          3:15

Masters Men's 100m dash 70 and older          3:18

Masters Women's 100m dash 40 and older       3:20

College Men's 100m dash (Heats)                3:25

College Women's 100m dash (Heats)             3:35

College Men's 4x400 (Heats)                   4:15

College Men's 4x400 CTC                         4:55

College Men's 4x400 Pop Haddleton MAC       5

High School Girls' 4x400 Championship of America                                                        5:05

College Men's Distance Medley Championship of America Invitational                                5:15

High School Boys' Distance Medley Championship of America                                            5:30

High School Boys' Mile Run Championship        5:45

High School Boys' 3000m Championship           5:50

College Women's Sprint Medley Championship of America Invitational                                6:05

College Women's Sprint Medley College          6:10

College Men's Sprint Medley Championship of America Invitational                                6:25

College Men's Sprint Medley College             6:30

Olympic Development Men's 4x100             6:50

Olympic Development Women's 4x100          7

Masters Men's 4x100 40 and older                7:05

Masters Mixed 4x100 Championship             7:07

Masters Mixed 4x100 60 and older                7:10

Masters Mixed 4x100 70 and older                7:13

Olympic Development Men's 4x400             7:15

Olympic Development Women's 4x400          7:25

Masters Men's 4x400 50 and older                7:30

Masters Women's 4x400 40 and older             7:35

Corporate Distance Medley                      7:40


College Men's Discus Throw College            9 a.m.

College Men's High Jump College                   10

College Men's Pole Vault College                   10

College Women's Triple Jump Championship       10

College Women's Triple Jump College             11

College Women's Discus Throw Championship    11:30

College Men's Shot Put Championship          Noon

High School Boys' Discus Throw Championship                                                       12:45 p.m.

College Men's Shot Put College                   1:15

High School Boys' High Jump Championship     1:45

College Men's Long Jump Championship          2

High School Boys' Javelin Throw Championship 2:45

College Men's Long Jump College                3:30

High School Boys' Shot Put Championship       4:30

College Women's Javelin Throw College          4:45