After a gut-punch of a loss when the Eagles squandered a 17-0 lead in the fourth quarter in a 21-17 loss to the visiting Carolina Panthers, coach Doug Pederson tried to deflect pressure for his 3-4 team.

"I basically told (the team) the pressure is off of us," Pederson said in his postgame press conference. "Nobody in the outside world is giving us much of a chance to do anything,  the pressure is off so we can go play, have fun, relax."

That doesn't mean Pederson is throwing out the white flag for the defending Super Bowl champs.

"There is a lot of football ahead too," he said. "We still have a bunch of games and anything is possible, anything can happen, we still treat it as one week at a time."

When asked later in the press conference why the pressure is off, replied, "Whether we are putting pressure on ourselves to perform, to play and live up to certain expectations, I think it is that point where I think no one is giving us that type of maybe, with amount of injuries or whatever it is, are giving us much credit going into games."

One can be sure the pressure comment will be dissected more as the week goes on.

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